Stimmen zum Titel der Cavs

Der Titelgewinn der Cleveland Cavaliers nach 1:3-Rückstand sorgt für Aufsehen in der NBA und ihren prominenten Fans. BASKET hat für euch Stimmen, Glückwünsche und O-Töne gesammelt:

Dwayne Wade: „Salute to my brother King James .. 3x Champion!!!“

Manu Ginobili:„Amazing series for a fantastic season. Love this game!!
LBJ MVP without doubt, but Kyrie had some ridiculous moments“

Karl-Anthony Towns: „I won’t stop till I get that feeling…..multiple times #promise“


Chris Bosh: Congrats to my brother LeBron on his masterpiece & the Epic Game 7! The city of Cleveland deserves it!

Kenneth Faried: „What an NBA FINALS! Congrats to both teams special congrats to @KyrieIrving & @TheRealJRSmith for repping NJ all day“

Danny Green: „Couldn’t be happier for an opposing team, congrats Cleveland!“

Shawn Marion: „Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers and their Fans. it was a great comeback, history was made tonight!!!!“

Shaquille O’Neal: „Congratulation to BRON BRON and the Cleveland Cavaliers , the city has been waiting long long time“.

Marc Cuban „Amazing. Congrats to the city of Cleveland and my friend Dan Gilbert !!!

Jamal Crawford: „Cavs/ Warriors you guys gave us basketball fans a series for the ages.. Respect to both teams!!“

Gordon Hayward: “So much respect for King James!! Congrats.“

Mike Miller: „Kyrie became special over the NBA Playoffs 2016 & the King is the King.“

Kobe Bryant: „Congrats to LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the rest of the Cavs. Unbelievable series. Well deserved!“

Justin Anderson: „Wow! I’m happy for LeBron James and the city of Cleveland! What a game what a year! I’m ready to go work now!“

Barack Obama:“What a game and what a series for the Cavs. Happy to see LeBron James bring it home for Cleveland!“

Magic Johnson: „LeBron James took this series over in the last 3 games, like the great ones do and brought the championship home to Ohio!“

Paul Pierce „Wow But I told u guys congrats to Cavs one of the best series ever Cavs 1st team Nba history down 3-1 to win 1-32.“

Danny Granger: „You should never poke the bear…. Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers !!!“

Devon Booker:„LeBron just took his League back.“

Joel Embiid: „What a game!!! Congrats to CLEVELAND.“

Brandon Jennings: „This DUDE Lebron got 1 for Cleveland. Whoooooaaa. Will never type another thing bad bout Lebron! Tristan was great all series btw.“

Justin Timberlake: „Lebron did it. Everybody be quiet. Goodnight.“

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